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What is Nourish to Flourish Academy?

I'm Suzanne Jezek-Arriaga, and I am the founder of Nourish to Flourish Academy. I'm an MBA turned MMM (Master of Mindset and Manifestation).  I'm also the author of the book Nourish to Flourish, a holistic mindset coach, podcaster and speaker. I'm obsessed with all things manifestation and mindset - and I love coffee and puppies, and helping people live a life they love. How did I get here? I didn't always have this business or know how to Nourish to Flourish. I worked in corporate America for years selling medical services and marketing hospitals. I experienced a life changing wake-up call when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer (while I was working at a prestigious Cancer Center), which forever changed the trajectory of my life and business. Then, I began searching for meaning. Perhaps, my journalism training inspired me to search for the truth about how to be successful and happy. I read hundreds of books. I started soaking up spiritual principles and meditation practices, information about quantum physics and the subconscious mind, and absorbing mindset and productivity tips, by attending seminars where I chanting, screamed, cried, journaled, sweated, laughed, danced, and learned how the Universe really works. For a few years, I studied like I was in a Master’s of Mindset and Manifestation program and became a holistic coach, personal trainer, health coach, Reiki Practitioner and NLP practitioner. And, in the process I began to grow and see how easy it was to live the life I desired – one of joy and happiness. I recognized how to create a life I loved. I learned how to get into alignment with my desires. I discovered the “secret sauce” to living a fulfilled life. And, that is what the Nourish to Flourish Academy is all about. I'm here to teach you what I learned in my MMM program. So, you too can live an epic life you love.


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